• Making healthy snack for Cambodian children





    1,000リエル(蒸しパン1個)x 20個 + 28,000リエル x 3台 + 16,000 リエル(交通費)=120,000リエル(=30 米ドル)

    *リエルは現地通貨です。弊社では、1米ドル=4,000リエル のレートで計算しています。


    * 交通費は固定ですが、お菓子のメニューは一例です。





    This plan allows us to deliver various PoPok snacks to 50 students who study in Ai Center which is located in Stung Meanchey District, Phnom Penh. Ai Center is a community school where the community children can go study Khmer language and basic math for free. Currently about 50 students study in the school in the morning, and another 50 study in the afternoon. We deliver cakes to either morning or afternoon session, and conduct nutrition education to the children.

    Stung Meanchey is formerly famous for its notorious Smoky Mountain, rubbish dump. Though the dump is not there anymore, the area is still recognized as one of the poor areas in the city. Ai center offers learning opportunities for the students living in the area.

    Price details (example): 

    1,000 riel (steamed cakes/piece) x 20 cakes + 28,000riel (chiffon cake) x 3 cakes + 16,000riel (transportation)=120,000 riel(= US$ 30 )

    *Riel is Cambodia’s locan currency. We use exchange rate of US$1=4,000riel.

    *The exact number of each type of snack may differ depending on the number of students in the class to which we deliver snacks.

    *Transportation fee is fixed, but snack menu is one example and may vary.

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