• Making healthy snack for Cambodian children





    28,000リエル(シフォンケーキ1台) x 5台 + 60,000リエル(交通費)=200,000リエル(=50米ドル)

    *リエルは現地通貨です。弊社では、1米ドル=4,000リエル のレートで計算しています。






    This plan helps deliver various PoPok’s snacks to 70 students who study in Tachou primary school in Kandal province. Since over 500 students study in this school, we cannot deliver donuts to all the students. Thus, we choose two to three classes for one time purchase. We also conduct  a nutrition education session to one of the classes we visit.

    Tachou primary school is located across the Mekong river. When going to the school, we take a small ferry to cross the river. It is less than an hour away from the center of Phnom Penh, the view is totally different. You can enjoy cows and goats eating grass, beautiful lotus field, fruitful mango trees along the road to the school.

    Price details (example)

    28,000riel * 5 chiffon cakes + 60,000 riel (transportation) =200,000 riel(=US$ 50.0 )

    *Riel is Cambodia’s local currency. We use exchange rate of US$1=4,000riel.

    *The exact number of each type of snack may differ depending on the number of students in the class to which we deliver snacks.

    *Transportation fee is fixed, but snack menu is one example and may vary.

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