• Making healthy snack for Cambodian children

    Hiroko Oji

    Hiroko studied women’s empowerment while pursuing a master’s degree and was struck by how powerful a person can be and how she/he can change society. After 5 years with a private company, she moved to Cambodia as NGO staff in 2011. Hiroko learned the critical nutritional status of children in this country through the NGO work, and launched PoPok in 2018 to be engaged in the improvement more directly.

    She is passionate about breaking negative loops of structural violence, including but not limited to nutritional issues, in both private and public settings.

    MA in International Relations (2006), MBA in Non-profit Management (2018).


    Akira Fukuhara

    Akira was born and grew up in Yokohama, Japan. His parents came to Japan as refugees during the Pol Pot period. Akira, wishing to come to Cambodia where he would have been born if there had been no civil war, self-studied Khmer language in his mid-20s. He came to Cambodia for the first time in 2011 as a volunteer, and later worked in the factory located in Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone. Akira then started wishing to contribute to sustainable development of Cambodia. Utilizing the experiences in the manufacturing sector, he is in charge of procurement and production as well as nutrition education provided to Cambodian children in Khmer in PoPok.


    Popok Bunny

    She has been winning the hearts and interests of many children since her birth in 2018. She is in charge of public relations and nutrition education.