• Making healthy snack for Cambodian children

    PoPok make and sell healthy and delicious snacks for children in Cambodia.“Popok” means “cloud” in Khmer, Cambodian official language.We aim to promote children’s healthy growth with the free-flowing ideas like clouds.


    One of the biggest challenges that Cambodian society faces is malnutrition of children. Over thirty percent of the children both under 5 years old and school-aged are stunted, which is an indicator of chronical malnutrition.


    We noticed that children in Cambodia often eat snacks which are widely available in local markets and are made with no consideration for food safety or nutrition. Since snacks are a big part of these children, we decided to communicate with the children about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits through healthy snacks.


    Not only do we hope to have the children to eat PoPok’s snacks instead of the existing snacks, we also aim to have the children and their parents learn to make healthy decisions in their daily dietary life in a long run.